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Smoke Alarms. LJR Electrical Services are suppliers and installers of premium quality smoke alarms.

Did you know?

That legislation requires all NSW residents must have at least one working smoke alarm installed on each level of their home and this includes owner occupied, rental properties, relocatable homes or any other residential building where people sleep.

Smoke Alarms can save lives and help protect your possessions and property. At night we are at the greatest of risk since humans lose all sense of smell while asleep.

A smoke alarm will detect smoke long before any sleeping occupant would as well as providing critical seconds to quickly implement actions that could save lves and property.

Smoke alarms are designed to detect fire smoke and emit a loud and distinctive sound to alert occupants of potential danger.

Alway remember older homes which may not be required by law to have smoke alarms installed are also risk.

For piece of mind call LJR Electrical today on  0402 347 309.

Well documented research indicates that at least a third to a half of house fire deaths could have been avoided by having a working smoke alarm and a well rehearsed and practised escape plan which not many of us ever think about.

Fire facts from fire authorities:

  • Across Australia between July 1996 and June 2004, 412 people were killed in 366 fatal residential fires. In the cases where it was known whether smoke alarms were installed, 14% had a non-working alarm and 55% had no alarm at all.
  • NSW Fire Brigade research indicates that a third to a half of house fire deaths could be avoided by having a working smoke alarm and a practised escape plan.
  • Most fatal fires happen at night, when people are usually asleep, and they’re most common in winter.
  • The majority of fatal fires are caused by electrical faults, smoking materials such as cigarette ash, or heaters and open fires.
  • Smoke alarms help limit the damage and cost caused by fires, by detecting them earlier.

Checking your smoke alarm periodically is of absolute importance for the safety of you and your family and in the case of a residential investment is a legal requirement with specific legislative requirements to follow.

Testing your smoke alarm involves more than just testing or changing the battery. Testing of a smoke alarm goes far beyond just pushing the “test” button on your smoke alarm.

LJR Electrical can carry out a safety inspection and test of all the smoke alarms in your premises. It’s a simple test that simply involves spraying the alarm with a special spray ensuring the unit will detect smoke in the event of a fire.

Also cleaning the unit to ensure it is free from debris and  fitting a replacement battery and giving you a written report.

Don’t put you, your family or property at risk. For piece of mind call LJR Electrical today on  0402 347 309.

We only supply and fit premium quality smoke alarms to help protect your home, business and property.

LJR Electrical also offer the following electrical services: smoke alarms, electrical repairs, electrical testing, safety switches, power points, industrial electricians and commercial electricians as well as any general electrical work.

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